Pakistan ranks third globally with a remarkable 42.6% growth in active software developers according to GitHub.

Although GitHub represents only a fraction of a country’s overall software development landscape, the data indicates a growing trend of programming in the region.

As of January 18, recent data from GitHub highlights Pakistan’s remarkable performance, ranking third globally for significant growth in active developers over the past year. GitHub’s Innovation Graph, which monitors global developer activity trends, underscores Pakistan’s impressive 42.6% surge in active developers. This data signifies a noteworthy shift, indicating that countries outside traditional tech hubs, including Bangladesh with a doubling of its developer count, are increasingly engaging in software development. For those pursuing careers in the software industry, maintaining an active GitHub profile is becoming increasingly crucial.

The data originates from activity within public repositories on GitHub, where individuals openly share their code, offering insights into countries witnessing growth in software development, although it doesn’t capture all GitHub activity.

The rise in GitHub developers indicates that these countries are increasingly involved in technology and innovation. For example, Bangladesh’s growing economy has facilitated greater access to digital tools, encouraging contributions to the IT sector.

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