‘People Should Stay Silent about Palestine’ Al Sudais Creates Heated Debate

Prominent Saudi Arabian cleric Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais has ignited a heated
debate with his recent statement suggesting that people should not interfere in the
ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza, leaving it to the rulers to
Al Sudais, the Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, made the remarks during his
Friday sermon, stating, “The issue of Palestine is a great issue, and it is not for the
common people to interfere in.” He further urged Muslims to supplicate for the
Palestinians and their leaders, emphasizing that “the solution is not in the hands of
the people, but in the hands of the rulers.”

His comments have drawn mixed reactions, with some expressing support for his
stance of non-interference and others criticizing it as dismissive of the plight of
ordinary Palestinians.

Supporters of Al Sudais argue that his statement is a call for unity and action from
Muslim leaders, emphasizing the need for a collective and strategic approach to
addressing the conflict. They maintain that public involvement, while well-
intentioned, can sometimes lead to confusion and hinder efforts to achieve a lasting
Critics, however, contend that Al Sudais’s remarks downplay the role of individual
citizens in voicing their concerns and advocating for justice. They argue that public
pressure and activism can play a crucial role in influencing decision-makers and
raising awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
The debate surrounding Al Sudais’s statement highlights the complex and
multifaceted nature of the conflict in Gaza. While there is a general consensus
among Muslims on the need to support the Palestinian cause, there are differing
views on the most effective means of achieving a just and lasting resolution.
As the debate continues, it is essential to engage in respectful dialogue and consider
all perspectives. The voices of ordinary Palestinians, as well as those who advocate
for their rights, should be heard and considered in any effort to find a peaceful and
sustainable solution to the conflict.

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