5 Pakistani Nationals Executed in Saudi Arabia for Company Raid and Guard's Murder.

Five Pakistani citizens were executed in Saudi Arabia after being convicted of raiding a company and killing a Bangladeshi guard, as reported by Gulf News.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, the five individuals tied up two guards at the private company and physically assaulted them, resulting in the death of one guard.

After an investigation, the Pakistani nationals were found guilty in court and sentenced to death. The convicted individuals were identified as Arshad Ali, Muhammad Ismail, Abdul Majeed, Haji Noor-ud-din, and Abdul Ghaffar.

Following confirmation of the verdict by the appeals and supreme courts and its final approval by a royal decree, the executions were carried out in the city of Mecca.

Saudi Arabia has strict laws against various crimes, including murder, terror attacks, and drug smuggling, often leading to severe penalties such as the death sentence.

Earlier this year, four Ethiopian expatriates were executed for the murder of a Sudanese national, while two Bangladeshi expatriates were executed in December for killing an Indian man by spraying insecticide into his mouth during a financial dispute.

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