According to reports, Rihanna is set to receive £5 million ($8-9 million) for her performance at the Ambani wedding.

Rihanna, the renowned international pop sensation, is set to grace an exclusive wedding ceremony in India, marking her first performance since the previous year’s Super Bowl extravaganza. She has flown to Gujarat state to lend her star power to the nuptials of Anant Ambani, son of Mukesh Ambani, and Radhika Merchant.

The buzz surrounding Rihanna’s participation in the pre-wedding gala is heightened by speculation about her payment. According to reports from MailOnline, Rihanna is set to receive a staggering £5 million ($8-9 million) for her performance at the Ambani wedding. This hefty sum highlights the exclusivity and grandeur of the event, as Rihanna’s setlist will include chart-topping hits like ‘Diamonds’ and ‘We Found Love’.

Rihanna’s upcoming performance follows in the footsteps of other iconic musicians who have entertained guests at Ambani family weddings. In 2018, global superstar Beyoncé graced the stage at Ambani’s daughter’s wedding, adding to the legacy of extravagant celebrations hosted by the Ambani family.

Anant Ambani, the groom-to-be, is the 28-year-old son of billionaire industrialist Mukesh Ambani. With a staggering net worth of $116 billion, Mukesh Ambani ranks among the wealthiest individuals globally, holding the prestigious title of the 10th richest person in the world.

Despite the wedding not being scheduled until July 2024, the celebrations kick off with a lavish three-day event in Jamnagar City, India. The festivities are expected to exude opulence and grandeur, reflecting the affluent lifestyle associated with the Ambani family. The venue and the anticipated costs of the wedding underscore the magnitude of the occasion and the attention it commands.

Rihanna’s performance at Anant Ambani’s wedding signifies the convergence of global pop culture and high society extravagance. As she takes the stage amidst the opulence of the Ambani celebrations, her presence adds a touch of glamour and allure to an already star-studded event.

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