Doja Cat Deactivates Instagram Account Due to Negative Treatment.

Doja Cat, the 28-year-old singer known for hits like “Paint T
he Town Red,” deactivated her Instagram account on March 9, citing unpleasant treatment on the platform.

The decision came after she candidly expressed dissatisfaction with how she was treated and spoken to on Instagram. In a post, she announced her departure, mentioning that she wasn’t feeling it anymore and encouraged her followers to take care of themselves.

Doja Cat emphasized that while she enjoyed finding inspiration and seeing people being creative on Instagram, she felt overwhelmed by the negativity and decided it was best to step away for her own well-being.

This move follows recent speculation among fans about a possible breakup with comedian J. Cyrus, with whom Doja Cat’s relationship has been under scrutiny. Alleged sightings of her profile on the celebrity dating app Raya fueled rumors further.

Doja Cat and J. Cyrus first made headlines as a couple in November 2022, but their relationship has been controversial due to allegations of emotional abuse against J. Cyrus.

In July 2023, Doja Cat reportedly lost a significant number of followers on Instagram after a public disagreement with her fanbase, known as “Kittenz.”

Despite having faced Instagram follower losses in the past, Doja Cat’s sudden departure from social media has left fans curious about the reasons behind her decision.

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