Netflix plans to raise its prices later this year.

Netflix maintains its dominant position in the streaming industry despite facing stiff competition. However, to bolster its revenue streams, the company is contemplating a price increase for subscribers in key regions like the US, Canada, and the UK, as indicated by UBS Securities Analyst John Hodulik.

Interestingly, Netflix’s recent move to crack down on password-sharing had an unexpected outcome. Instead of a decline in subscribers, there was a surge in sign-ups. This success contrasts with earlier concerns and hints at the company’s desire to enhance its revenue streams.

The last price hike in 2023 saw the basic plan in the US rise from $9.99 to $11.99 per month. Analysts now anticipate another increase this year, especially given Netflix’s previous suggestions. Co-CEO Greg Peters mentioned during an earnings call that price adjustments were paused during the password-sharing initiative rollout but are now back on the agenda. Despite initial worries about customer backlash, these increases have been met positively, leading to revenue growth and satisfying shareholders.

Netflix plans to closely monitor global markets and improve its entertainment offerings before implementing further price changes. Their strategy is clear: gradual price hikes will enable investments in more content, ensuring both customer satisfaction and financial viability. Essentially, Netflix is adhering to its tried-and-tested business model, strategically managing pricing to maintain market leadership and expand its content library.

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