Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) Hosts Successful Investor Seminar in Dubai.

Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) recently organized a highly successful Investor Meet-Up Seminar in Dubai, held during the three-day IPS event representing Pakistan. The seminar attracted a diverse audience of international investors, expatriate Pakistanis, and individuals from various business backgrounds, signaling substantial interest in RUDA’s initiatives and projects.

The event garnered attention from prominent figures within the investor community, including Her Excellency Sania A Ansari, CEO of Ansari Group Ltd, who provided advisory insights from the royal family. Additionally, Mustafa Hemani, Senior Director of the Pakistan Business Council, and representatives from renowned real estate and development giants such as Emaar, Damac, and Danube were present. Esteemed investors from the UAE and Oman also graced the seminar with their presence, adding to the event’s prestige.

The seminar served as a unique platform for attendees to explore a wide range of investment opportunities, with discussions focusing on key sectors such as tourism, solar energy initiatives, and wastewater treatment plants. Attendees actively participated in interactive sessions and one-on-one meetings, demonstrating notable enthusiasm for RUDA’s diverse projects and initiatives.

Organized by RUDA, the seminar featured insightful presentations on various aspects of the Ravi Project, addressing attendees’ queries and concerns. Interactive sessions facilitated discussions and exchanges between RUDA representatives and attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of the project’s intricacies and potential benefits.

Moreover, personalized one-on-one meetings allowed attendees to engage directly with RUDA’s team members, enabling in-depth exploration of investment prospects and tailored solutions. The event exemplified RUDA’s commitment to transparency, innovation, and collaboration in driving sustainable urban development.

Commenting on the event, Mansoor Janjua, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of RUDA, expressed gratitude to all attendees and reiterated RUDA’s dedication to forging meaningful partnerships and delivering value to stakeholders.

“The enthusiasm and interest displayed by attendees underscore the global appeal of the Ravi Project and reaffirm our vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable urban ecosystem. We remain committed to fostering collaboration and driving positive change as we continue to progress towards our goals,” said Janjua.

During the visit, the authority also explored best practices of Government-to-Government (G2G) and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, showcasing the ambitious Ravi Project and engaging directly with potential investors and stakeholders.

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