Arrest Made in Muzaffargarh Aitkaf Rape Case Within 24 Hours

Authorities in Muzaffargarh acted swiftly in response to an Aitkaf incident where an adult male perpetrated rape against a 13-year-old boy. within 24 hours after the crime had taken place he was apprehended by police in collaboration with the National Commission on Child Rights of Child (NCRC), signaling an important step forward towards providing justice for his victim.

Waseem Gopang, spokesperson of Muzaffargarh police, confirmed this arrest while emphasizing how modern technology had been utilized under Station House Officer (SHO) Shahid Rizwan's direction to swiftly apprehend an accused perpetrator accused of sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy during Aitkaf. These advanced investigative techniques assisted police in quickly apprehending him.

Punjab police have also confirmed this arrest and have pledged a thorough investigation into this matter. Now in custody, the suspect will face legal consequences that match up to the severity of their crime.

As part of its proactive response, the National Commission for Refugees of Muzaffargarh engaged with the district police office immediately in Muzaffargarh to ensure seamless coordination in seeking justice. Ayesha Raza Farooque, Chairperson of NCRC lauded Punjab police's prompt action and pledged her commitment to holding perpetrators responsible and finding solutions for victims of these violent crimes.

The victim was participating in Aitkaf at a mosque in Sanawan Bukhi Chowk when he was attacked by another individual who reportedly also engaged in Aitkaf observance and subsequent attempts at escape by the suspect. However, soon enough they were apprehended, marking an important breakthrough for investigation.

Filing an FIR under section 376 (punishment for rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) underlines the gravity of this offense. Outraged at what his son had endured, his father lodged this FIR to inform law enforcement authorities about this assault on their son.

Maryam Nawaz, Punjab Chief Minister, took swift and firm action against those responsible, emphasizing the need for an extensive investigation and ordering authorities to expedite identification processes as she pledged her government's unwavering dedication to justice delivery.

This tragedy follows several similar cases across the country in recent weeks, underscoring the urgent need to implement robust measures against child sexual abuse. According to reports by Sahil, a non-profit organization, 11 children were sexually abused each day during 2023!

The Cruel Numbers 2023 report provides insight into the vulnerabilities of children aged six to 15 years, with boys more vulnerable. Acquaintances, relatives, and strangers were identified as primary perpetrators, necessitating effective measures to protect children.

As the investigation moves forward, authorities remain firm in their commitment to upholding justice and safeguarding children across the nation.

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