Government Offers relief to owners of new vehicle.

Punjab Excise Department's move to streamline the issuing of digital number plates is intended to ease the financial strain placed on new car and motorbike buyers and is expected to provide relief to these consumers.

Over the past three years, public complaints and operational challenges faced by authorities have caused major delays in issuing number plates despite collecting fees from approximately three million vehicle owners in the province over this timeframe.

Recognizing the urgent need for reform, the provincial cabinet has approved an initiative to end the government's monopoly over number plate manufacturing and introduce an open licensing regime allowing multiple companies and institutions to participate in the production and distribution process.

Under this revamped system, applicants no longer must pay fees for computerized number plates - marking a departure from previous practices and streamlining registration processes across Ontario while relieving financial strain for vehicle and motorcycle owners.

Excise Director General Faisal Fareed is overseeing this historic decision's implementation, issuing a notification to Excise Secretary Masood Mukhtar calling for an immediate cessation of fee collection on number plates with new or duplicate registration requests.

Switching to an open licensing regime should foster healthy competition among private companies registered under its framework and save vehicle owners up to Rs500 on number plates compared with current government prices.

However, the department faces challenges in its efforts to address the backlog of number plates for millions of citizens that has built up due to past inefficiency. Previous efforts at modernizing vehicle registration systems through partnerships with federal agencies have run into difficulties concerning fee structures and fee schedules.

However, this move marks an important milestone towards providing relief to new vehicle owners and streamlining registration processes in Punjab.

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