PCB Investment of Rs 4 Billion for 5-Star Hotel Near Gaddafi Stadium.

As part of its initiative to enhance accommodation facilities for cricket players, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently purchased an apartment complex near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore for Rs 4 billion. Once acquired, renovation work will commence to transform it into a five-star hotel that can meet both local and international cricket team accommodation needs.

The decision to purchase the building comes after years of accommodation challenges experienced by cricket players, especially international teams visiting Lahore for matches. The proximity of Gaddafi Stadium will offer convenience and comfort to players while decreasing the time and disruption caused by traveling long distances for accommodation.

The acquisition also helps relieve financial pressures for the PCB, as the board currently spends significant sums on lodging arrangements at private hotels. By operating its own hotel, the PCB can exercise more control over expenses and potentially save millions over time.

Furthermore, the establishment of the hotel will benefit the local community by minimizing disruptions caused by team movements like road closures and traffic congestion. Although the construction of this building remains incomplete, PCB's proactive approach shows its commitment to efficiently meeting the accommodation needs of cricket players.

The PCB's purchase of the building near Gaddafi Stadium marks a strategic decision to improve accommodation facilities for cricket teams while managing costs efficiently. Once renovated and managed properly, this five-star hotel will elevate players' experiences while contributing to cricket's development in Pakistan.

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