An Engineer in Arifwala Pakistan Arrested for Producing Affordable Electricity

Rizwan Beg is an engineer based in Arifwala, Pakpattan, Pakistan. He made electricity with biogas in his neighborhood to benefit his people in times of high inflation in Pakistan.

The engineer was running heavy generators with biogas and with the help of these generators he produced electricity for his people at a much affordable and lower cost than that of the government.

Biogas electricity comes from breaking down organic stuff without air, making biogas with methane. First, we put things like animal waste or crop leftovers in a special tank. Bacteria in the tank eat them up and create biogas. 

We collect the biogas and use it in engines or turbines, making power. Some systems also use the heat made during this to be more efficient. Biogas electricity is good because it’s renewable, made from waste, and helps manage it better. It’s like turning trash into useful energy, which is good for the environment.

Rizwan utilized his talent and passion to do something for his people to produce electricity that people in his neighborhood could use unstoppably at a low cost.

But the moment this news popped up to WAPDA, they took abrupt action against Rizwan and sent their task force to him. They charged him with allegations of doing unlawful acts and arrested him.

Meanwhile, people in his neighborhood loved Rizwan and they could help but attack the WAPDA task force who wanted to arrest Rizwan. They were under severe attack by the public then the police came to rescue the task force.

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