Chiara Bordi: A Brave Story of Facing Challenges and Making the World More Inclusive

Chiara Bordi was born on September 1, 2000, in Tarquinia, Viterbo. After finishing high school in 2019, she started studying Orthopedic Techniques at Sapienza University. When she was 18, in 2018, she joined the Miss Italy competition and got third place on national TV.

Chiara wanted to show everyone that being different is strong, not a weakness. She had a tough time when she lost her left leg in an accident at only 13 years old, but it didn’t break her spirit. After Miss Italy, Chiara’s life took off. She appeared on TV shows, did a commercial for Lycra, and hosted events about including everyone in Italy and even in other countries like China and Thailand. She also spoke at TEDx in Salerno.

In 2019, the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, gave Chiara the “Alfiere della Repubblica” award. It’s a special award for young people who make a difference in their communities by being brave and doing good things. That same year, Chiara and two friends who went through similar accidents started “Bionic People.” This group helps and encourages people facing challenges like Chiara’s.

In 2021, Chiara became part of the main cast in the TV series “PRISMA,” which is directed by Ludovico Bessegato and made by Amazon Studios and Cross Productions. Chiara’s story is not just about facing tough times but also about using her experiences to help others and make the world more inclusive.


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