Please forgive me, I will not do it again: Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar is seeking forgiveness due to a video circulating where it appears he hit a boy. Speaking in Hindi, he explains that the incident is actually a scene from a movie. In this particular scene, a boy approaches him, uttering, ‘Ae budhau, topi bechni hai’ (hey old man, do you want to sell your hat?), initiating a confrontational scenario. Nana reveals that the scene was rehearsed only once, and they were scheduled for a second rehearsal. However, when they were about to begin filming, the boy from the video unexpectedly entered the scene. Believing the boy to be part of the movie crew, Nana, following the script, slapped him and told him to leave. Later, he realized the boy was not part of the crew and intended to call him back for clarification, but the boy had already run away. Nana speculates that the video might have been shot by the boy’s friend.

Expressing genuine regret, Nana emphasizes that he has never refused a photo request and asserts that the incident was an inadvertent mistake. He earnestly implores for understanding, apologizes for any distress caused, and assures that such an occurrence will not be repeated.

The video captures Nana’s sincere desire to apologize directly to the boy, but the boy’s fear during the incident led to a hasty departure, making it challenging to locate him.

Director Anil Sharma staunchly supports Nana’s clarification, debunking the viral narrative. He affirms that the incident is a staged scene from their ongoing film, “Journey,” being filmed in Benaras. Sharma provides crucial context, explaining that Nana’s character in the movie grapples with dementia, and the particular scene involves a person trying to take a picture with him. Sharma attributes the misunderstanding to someone in the crowd recording that part without realizing it’s part of the movie. He insists that Nana didn’t really hit anyone; it was just acting.

In the aftermath of the video going viral, both Nana Patkar and Anil Sharma express hope for a nuanced understanding of the circumstances, emphasizing the importance of considering the broader context of the film’s narrative. They stress the challenges posed by the rapid dissemination of content on social media and the need to differentiate between scripted scenes and real-life events.

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