First Pakistani Kid Makes History: Gains 400k Instagram Followers in Just 7 Days.


Meet Parishay Sameer: The 8-year-old Instagram and TikTok Sensation Teaching Proper English Slang


Meet Parishay Sammer, an 8-year-old prodigy who has taken both Instagram and TikTok by storm with her unique talent for teaching English slang and accents. Managed by her parents, Parishay’s Instagram account, @learnwithparishay, has garnered an astounding 400k followers in just 7 days since its creation on February 6th. Additionally, her TikTok account, @learnwithpari, has an impressive 300k followers, making her a rising star on multiple social media platforms.


Despite her young age, Parishay is making waves in the digital world with her educational content aimed at helping people learn proper English slang and accents. Currently in 2nd grade, Parishay’s passion for language and teaching shines through in every post she shares.

Journey to Instagram and TikTok Stardom:

Parishay’s social media journey began on February 6th when her father created the Instagram account. Just a day later, on February 7th, they started posting reels showcasing Parishay’s lessons on English slang and accents. The engaging and informative content quickly caught the attention of Instagram users, leading to a rapid influx of followers. Similarly, her TikTok account gained traction with her entertaining videos, further solidifying her status as a social media sensation.


Parishay’s Instagram and TikTok feeds are filled with fun and interactive reels and videos where she teaches her audience how to pronounce English words with the proper accent and slang. From everyday phrases to tongue twisters, Parishay covers a wide range of topics, making learning English both educational and entertaining.

Impact and Influence:

Parishay’s social media presence is not only helping people learn English in a fun and engaging way but also inspiring others to pursue their passions at a young age. Her positive influence and dedication to education have garnered praise from followers of all ages, proving that age is no barrier to making a difference.

Future Aspirations:

As Parishay continues to grow her Instagram and TikTok following, she hopes to expand her content to reach an even wider audience. With her parent’s guidance, Parishay is excited to explore new topics and formats to keep her followers entertained and informed across both platforms.


Parishay Sammer’s remarkable journey from a second-grader to a social media sensation is a testament to her passion for teaching and her natural talent for connecting with people through language. As she continues to share her knowledge and inspire others, Parishay is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of education and social media.

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