Rawalpindi Bans Motorcycles from Using Flyovers During Basant festival.

Rawalpindi Police are making sure everyone stays safe during the Basant festival by stopping motorcycles from going on flyovers. They’re worried about accidents, so they’re not letting bikes on flyovers along Murree Road, Airport Road, and other places.”

In Rawalpindi, the police are cracking down on people doing illegal things during Basant, like shooting guns in the air. They’ve arrested several people in different parts of the city for doing this.

The police and local government are working together to keep things peaceful and orderly during the festival.

The Punjab police also suggested to the government to make the penalties tougher for kite-flying violations. They want to increase the jail time to five years and make a fine of Rs2 million for people caught making or flying kites with banned materials.

At the national level, there’s a new rule suggested in the National Assembly to stop kite-flying completely in the capital city. This shows how serious the authorities are about keeping people safe and avoiding any problems during festivals.

The police in Rawalpindi are taking strong action against people breaking the law during Basant, especially those firing guns in the air. They want to make sure things stay peaceful and everyone stays safe.

These efforts, both at the local and national levels, highlight how committed the authorities are to looking out for public safety during celebrations.

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