Germany Issues Stern Warning| No Tolerance for Hezbollah Supporters

In a major operation on Thursday, German police conducted raids at 54 locations across the country as
part of an investigation into a Hamburg-based center suspected of promoting Iranian ideology and
supporting Hezbollah activities. The Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH) is at the center of the probe, with the
Interior Ministry revealing that it has been under observation by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.
The Interior Ministry stated that the IZH is suspected of spreading the “revolutionary concept” of Iran’s
supreme leader, and authorities are also looking into alleged support for banned activities by Hezbollah
in Germany. Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militant group, has recently been involved in conflicts with Israel
along the Israel-Lebanon border.
The IZH, which operates a mosque in Hamburg, is believed by German intelligence to have significant
influence or full control over other mosques and groups. Authorities are investigating whether the center
can be banned, citing concerns over a “clearly antisemitic and anti-Israel attitude” promoted by some
associated entities.

The raids, conducted in Hamburg and six other German states, targeted not only the IZH but also five
other groups suspected of being sub-organizations. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser emphasized
the government’s commitment to combating Islamist propaganda and antisemitic agitation, particularly
during a time when many Jews feel threatened.
The move comes on the heels of recent actions by Faeser, including a formal ban on activity by or in
support of Hamas and the dissolution of Samidoun, a group linked to a celebration of Hamas’ attack on
Israel. Chancellor Olaf Scholz had pledged to take such measures shortly after the attack.
As the investigation unfolds, authorities will evaluate the seized materials to determine the extent of the
alleged support for Hezbollah and the promotion of Iranian ideology by the Islamic Center Hamburg and
its affiliated entities.

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