Govt. Plans an Artificial Rain to Wash Away Lahore's Smog Nightmare

In the ongoing struggle against Lahore’s severe smog, the Punjab government is considering a unique
strategy: artificial rain. This technique, also known as cloud seeding, involves introducing substances into
clouds to encourage the formation of raindrops. As Lahore grapples with hazardous air quality, the
government aims to implement artificial rain later this month.

According to air quality measurements, Lahore’s Air Quality Index (AQI) reached a hazardous level of
470 on Thursday, sparking concerns. In response, Punjab’s caretaker Environment Minister, Bilal Iqbal,
led a meeting to explore potential solutions. The focus turned to the feasibility of artificial rain, with
preparations slated for November 28 or 29.
Minister Iqbal emphasized the need for a working group to oversee the initiative, and evaluate steps for
deploying aircraft for artificial rain. The success of this technique relies on the presence of clouds.

Provincial education minister, Mansoor Qadir, stressed a thorough analysis of the initiative’s aspects, with
final recommendations to be submitted for approval.
During discussions with the Chinese Consul General Zhao Shiren, Minister Iqbal sought Chinese
expertise in addressing Lahore’s smog issue. He attributed 30% of the smog to winds from India and
70% to local factors like transport, industries, and dust. Iqbal identified artificial rain as a short-term
solution, expressing a commitment to finding a permanent resolution.

The Chinese consul general suggested constructing an air purification tower in Lahore. Meanwhile, the
city is taking immediate actions, closing educational institutions and opening commercial centers after 3
pm. Water spraying on roads and efforts against polluting sources, including factories and crop burning,
are underway.

In legal proceedings, the Lahore High Court heard applications addressing smog removal. The interim
set-up’s measures, including gym closures and early restaurant closures, were discussed. Justice Shahid
Karim urged promoting cycling and suggested action against relevant officers under the Punjab
Employees Efficiency, Discipline, and Accountability Act. The court adjourned the hearing until November
22, emphasizing the collective effort needed to combat Lahore’s smog.

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